Guide to the Groom’s Wedding Speech

Would you like to write the perfect wedding speech?

It’s not long to go. Your big day is just around the corner.  And you’d be really looking forward to it, if only you weren’t so stressed out about your wedding speech.

What do you say? You can’t forget the people who’ve helped you over the years, of course, but there must be more? You’re right; there is more. There are several key things your speech needs to be great.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be a legend.


Tips for your speech

1.    Timing

Don’t bore everyone with your take on War and Peace. If you write out your speech, 1000 words are plenty and should take about seven minutes.

2.    Set the tone

As the groom, the tone of your speech should be somewhere between comedy, recollecting funny stories, and seriousness, thanking those that made it all happen.

3.    Ice breaker

A good joke will get everyone’s attention. It will also ease your nerves and the tension in the room.  Remember, you’re not just talking to your mates, so keep it suitable for everyone — keep it clean!

4.    A thank you goes a long way

So that you don’t forget anyone, here is where it pays to have notes. It is customary to begin with the father of the bride by thanking him for trusting you with his daughter and, hopefully, his kind words during his speech. Now is also a good time to thank your new mother-in-law. Tell them that you’re really happy to become part of their family and their daughter is in safe hands.

Next you should thank those that helped pay for the wedding (without saying ‘thanks for paying’, something along the lines of ‘thank you for contributing towards today’) and your parents who supported you over the years. Thank your friends and family for coming, name those who came from far away, It’s a good idea to thank the minister or registrar and then you should thank everyone else, like the best man, bridesmaids etc.

5. Describe the day

Tell everyone what a great day it has been. You probably won’t have time to chat to everyone personally, so describe things that happened, like when the flower girl didn’t stick to the script, or something that happened in the planning of the wedding.

6.    Talk to your bride

We know Kiwi blokes don’t always like to show their feelings, but compliment your bride. Tell everyone what you love about her and why you chose her to be your wife.

7.    Tell your story

Your guests will love to hear your story. How did you meet? How did your love bloom? Were there any hiccups along the way? If you happen to be a modern-aged guy and get a bit emotional, a good joke should put you back on track.

8.    Make a toast

You’ve almost made it. You can have a drink now and propose a toast to your guests, parents and, don’t forget, your wife. Then it is time to hand over to your best man for his speech and hope he goes easy on you.


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