Complete the night this School Ball season

DSC 0196-766 It’s that time again, ball season is upon us.  Time to create some life lasting memories!  When it comes to the school ball there are three key things one must have in order to complete the night - A Good suit, A Date and Good music 

Now unfortunately Frank Casey can’t help you with all three but we’ve certainly got your ball suit covered.   After all, when we look good, we feel good and the girls definitely notice that extra effort we put in!

So here are a few options to consider when you’re planning for your school ball suit

Style and Fit

Fit is the number one thing to remember when it comes to suits for men

A well fitted suit speaks for itself - not to mention showing off your body in a good way.   You’ve spent hours slaving away in the gym or on the field and a good suit will highlight all your hard work. 

Here at Frank Casey, we offer a range of different suit fits and styles such as slim fit suits in a range of colours and even a number of regular fit suits because not everyone is skinny, that gym creates Bulk. No matter what your style preference, we’ve got you covered.  After all, the last thing any guy wants when out with the girls is to spend the night looking like he’s borrowed his old man's suit! - She does not want you to look like that either!

Colour – Girls love a bit of colour

When you match your accessories with her ball dress it says “I want to be seen with her” and that’s going to score points. Something subtle like a pocket square or a unique tie is all you need to personalize your school ball outfit adding that touch of colour and keeping it cool at the same time.  Frank Casey offer a wide range of accessories like skinny ties and bow ties and can also get one of a kind accessories made just for you, all you need to do is bring some material or simply come in store and have a chat with our friendly staff. Let’s see any other suit hire store top that - even finding ball accessories to buy is hard.

Last but definitely not least is the shoes.

A decent pair of kicks will complete any outfit and with suits it works the same way. Yes, it’s time to leave the Nikes at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk around in style. Frank Casey has a range of dress shoes for both hire and to buy that will match your ball suit.

For more info, style tips and a look at we have to offer visit our Facebook page.

Frank Casey wishes you all the best and hope you have an incredible night at your school ball.

Franky’s five step guide to looking dapper this ball season

There’s an old adage that rules are made to be broken; however this doesn’t hold true when picking out the best look for your school ball.
Here’s a few basic rules to keep in mind that will have you looking dapper and gentlemanly in no time:

1. Fit is everything.

Part of looking good is feeling comfortable in your suit, so consider whether a classic, slim or super slim fit is best for you.We will help you choose the right style for your body shape.

2. Modernise with a waistcoat. 

waistcoat is no longer a boring, uninspiring piece, it can make or break your look by cutting you a slimmer, more striking look. Many Hollywood A listers know this ­check the Oscars.

3. Choose your shoes carefully.

You might not think about your shoes until the last minute, but it’s worth putting some thought in as it’s often the first thing a girl notices! Spend time considering whether a black or brown pair will go better with your suit colour and make sure they’re shined up properly. Don’t forget to match your belt to your shoes!

4. Show your cuffs.

Some say the mark of a true gentleman is to expose your cuffs slightly beyond your jacket sleeves. Make sure you keep them buttoned up to avoid looking scruffy, after all, it is the ball.

5. Know your knots.

A classic windsor knot always looks the part, and determining whether to go full or half knotted will depend on the size of your head. But don’t worry about this ­we can help you out in store.
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Steal the Show with the Latest School Ball Suit Trends

With the school ball season quickly approaching, now’s time to get the lowdown on the latest trends and hottest looks so you can plan your style.  Inspiration from the year’s most recognised actors will make sure you’ve got the right look - but don’t forget to talk to your date, you’ll want to be crowned Best Dressed at your school ball, and a little planning will go a long way!


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