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Can I wear a straight tie with a dinner suit?

Yes absolutely! A straight tie also looks great with a waistcoat under a dinner suit.


Should I match my partner?

For a school ball it’s a nice touch if you can match your tie to the colour of your date’s dress but it’s optional.


How formal do I have to dress?

School Balls are formal - it’s a time to dress up, but you have to be comfortable and yourself too. But you don’t get many opportunities to dress up, so why not make the most of it.


Is a business suit okay for a School Ball?

It depends on the school, some are definitely more formal than others.

Frank Casey's has Business suits you can hire or Buy too.


Should I wear a waistcoat?

Once again, wear what you feel comfortable wearing. But why not? The waistcoat gives you an opportunity to inject some colour and fun into your outfit, it also looks good without the jacket.


Will you tie the tie for me?

Of course we will!


Can I wear my school shoes?

Yes you can, but a suit looks better with shoes that are not too chunky and they need to be in good condition (and clean). Frank Casey's Has shoes you can Hire or Buy in store if your school shoes are not up to it.


Can I wear a tuxedo to a school ball?

Of course! A tux is a coloured or patterned formal jacket, so they are very much appropriate! We have a great selection to choose from in our stores.

What is the difference between a Tux and a Dinner suit?

A Tux is a patterned or coloured dinner jacket with satin lapels where as a Dinner suit is plain black with satin lapels. The Americans often call a Dinner Suit a Tux.


What’s the difference between a business suit and a school ball suit?

A Dinner suit is more formal menswear style as it has satin on the lapels of the jacket. It is generally more suitable for a ball than a business suit. It can be worn with a straight tie to dress it down, or a waistcoat to dress it up.


Do I have to clean the suit before I return it?

No You collect the suit, wear it, pop it back in the bag then return it. We clean all the suits once they are returned. It’s all part of the service!
We Clean Every Suit Every time its worn.


How far in advance do I have to book if I want to hire a suit?

As a guide as soon as you find out the date you book your suit, that way you will have more choice. Ideally at least 2 - 4 weeks in advance, At least 4 weeks if you go to a big school where there are heaps of guys going or there is another ball on the same weekend. But we can even do suits on the day if it’s a last minute thing, it just may not be your first choice.


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When it comes to the school ball there are three key things one must have in order to complete the night - A Good suit, A Date and Good music.
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